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Thanks for stopping by !! I am a wife to an amazing husband and a mom of 2 wonderful kids ages 7 and 9. Living in Pembroke Pines, Fl. Being grateful everyday to God, for the wonderful family he has given me. Sharing ownership of our urgent care with my loving husband.I love to make cards, and bake. I love to learn different things. Finding time to do everything is always a challenge, but I sure love doing it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

gift basket

Hi Ya'll

I know it has been a while since I last posted. I have been so busy. Had some family come into town, went to the beach and had a great time.Oh course, was dehydrated afterwards for the next two days. The kids had a great time also, we flew kites and had
lots of good food. It's so nice to step out of the norm and do something different. Celebrated my husband's birthday, and afterward memorial day. I hope everyone had a good holiday.

What I wanted to show you today is a gift basket I did for
my cousin sister's coworker's daughter. The daughter is a teacher and the mother wanted me to do something for a teacher.
So I decided to get this cute box from Michaels'. Then I decided to stuff with some teacher's item, notebook, pens, pencils, markers. Then I wanted to do something more personnal. I made these cute soaps. Her favoite colors are yellow and blue, so I decided to make yellow and blue soaps. I used my clear teacher's stamp . Made soap with a bookworm on it. I love it. Then I wanted to put her name on it also. The two blue were had yellow flowers. Then to give the box a sweet touch, I put chocolate pretzels with it.I hope she liked it.

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